Address: 65 Gradina st, Sombor
Sombor Phone: +381 63 8952 767
Phone 2: +381 25 423 304
Web: www.didahornjakovsalas.com
4/ 5stars

Dida Hornjakov Farm is located close to the city is only 1.5 km from the ring road South 3 on the old road to Sivački Salas Gradina.

Architectural Hornjak entire farm is located in the village of Salas of cluster type, is a classic example of this type of construction in the rural area of the Pannonian Plain, the construction of the nineteenth and early twentieth century, with clearly defined economic and residential areas, is an emanation of civic spirit, relying on the tendency of development of intensive agriculture farm type.

Staying in this location whose beauty belodane during all seasons alike, to fully experience the fullness of multicultural and multiethnic Vojvodina plains, that art, and perhaps the most fertilized bard song and lyrics of the old song and Vojvodina Zvonko Bogdan.