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Address: 41 Stari Sivacki put st., Sombor
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In business since: 2011.

Dida Hornjak's Farmstead is located in the immediate vicinity of the city, only 4.5 km away from the city center.

The architectural ensemble of the Hornjak farmstead, situated in the village of Gradina, represents a classic example of this type of rural architecture in the Pannonian plain, built in the 19th and early 20th century, with clearly defined economic and residential sections. It embodies the spirit of the bourgeoisie with an emphasis on the development of intensive farming of the farmer type.

By staying at this location, where the beauty of the countryside can be equally experienced in all seasons, you can fully experience the richness of multicultural and multi-ethnic life in the Vojvodina region, which is perhaps most enriched by the songs and verses of the bard of traditional and Vojvodinian songs, Zvonko Bogdan.

The property is arranged in the authentic style of traditional Sombor farm life.

We offer the following services:

- Accommodation in a family apartment
- Accommodation in a single room
- Accommodation in a double room
- Organized daily visits
- Children's excursions
- Business lunches
- Family lunches

The space is furnished with furniture from the late 19th and early 20th centuries.

In addition to Dida Hornjak's Farmstead, there are also:

- A showroom for traditional arts and crafts
- A workshop for children
- A dining room
- Exhibition rooms

DIDA HORNJAKOV SALAS, 41  Stari Sivacki put st., Sombor
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