Address: 32 Oslobodjenja st., Backi Monostor, Sombor
Sombor Phone: +381 25 807-163, +381 63 725-20-56

4/ 5stars

Ethno House Small Bodrog, Backi Monoštor, Sombor

Each passenger want to find a path to the door of the house ethno Mali Bodrog and dear guests to step into a courtyard that is enriched even more beautiful summer house, which is covered by the new reeds and entwined by bindweed which is a beautiful park and a flowery hill whose scent intoxicates all our senses. sparrows chirping and crowing roosters wake you in the morning, and the song crčaka sleep every guest who stays overnight in the cozy rooms.
Ethno House Small Bodrog offers the possibility of camping, and the possibility for 3 nights.

We also invite you to the warmth of the fire that simmers fish or other papirkaš enjoy the taste of dishes our chefs and pleasant music that comes from our skilled tamburica monoštorskih tambourine that their song touched everyone's heart and soul.

Try our homemade specialties, good mellifluous Monoštorska brandy and wine with flavors of spicy sausage and Kulen, and found there and a few biscuits with cracklings rolls and sculpted by skillful hands of the host. I want to make every guest feel at home.
I cordially invite you to continue to perform in this šokačkoj home and that their presence experience old customs and feel the breath of nature that emanates from every corner of the house.


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