Address: 2 17. Oktobra st., Smederevo
Smederevo Phone: +381 26 672 352
Phone 2: +381 64 569 1506
Email: zalagaonica.bs@financier.com
Web: www.zalagaonica-bs.co.rs
4/ 5stars

We are first registered in the pawnshop


We provide the necessary capital to natural and legal persons on the basis of collateral that zalagodavac guarantees for loans.

We provide services without bureaucratic complications and realuzujemo loan as soon as possible.

We offer a free estimate, professional and realistic.

All clients we guarantee full discretion.


Our customers can be legal and natural persons. We offer loans secured by collateral.

The contract is concluded in 30 days and gives borrowers the right to extend their services to settle if the pawn shop B & S.

Transfers and payments to be made by e-banking directly to the borrower.

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