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    Machinery and tools Smederevo

    Address: 50 Crvene armije st., Smederevo

    IMT Darko is a company which began work in 2013 as a Popovic family-founded company.

    It originated as the result of years of work in the area of selling tractor parts and parts for other agricultural machinery.

    Today, IMT DARKO is a specialized trade network for retail and wholesale of both tractors and attachment machines as well as spare parts for all types of agricultural machinery and auxilliary equipment.

    Our company became the general distributer for Massey Ferguson parts for the motor group in 2015.

    We sell spare parts for: 533, 539, 540, 542, 549, 558, R60, R65
    - Parts for sprinklers and automizers
    - Parts for mowers
    - Parts for cysterns
    - Parts for plate machines
    - Parts for sowers
    - Large selection of car tires
    - Large selection of oils and lubricants

    Affordable prices

    All purchases can be made in several installments, via checks or administrative ban.