Address: 152 JNA st, Ruma
Ruma Phone: +381 22 471 845
Fax: +381 22 471 845
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CENTER HOUSE WITH the craft tradition of over 25 years and provides a variety of CRAFT AND PRODUCTION SERVICES. -engraving on CNC machines and laser inscription BOARD AND TILES FOR INDUSTRIAL AND ARCHITECTURAL AND MARKING. -MAKING AND ENGRAVING TOOL FOR MARKING leather, wood, rubber and metal. -MAKING MARKS IN WELD AND STAMP IN TYRE. We are one of the oldest and largest PEČATOREZAČNICA REGIONAL and has AUTHORIZATION FOR MIA stamp with the national coat of arms, ARE PROVIDED SECURITY AND WARRANT. -MAKING ALL TYPES OF KEYS FOR HOUSEHOLD AND AUTOMOBILE. -SHARPENING SCISSORS AND ALL TYPES OF KNIFE MESARSKO ACTIVITY, SALAMOREZNICE, KUTER KNIFE AND GRIDS. -photocopy and printing BLACK AND WHITE IN COLOR. -SALE SECURITY locks and hinges. SALE-sport equipment SUCH AS CUPS, plaques and medals. NAS is characterized by experience and tradition, modern equipment, fast delivery, highest quality service and affordable prices. OUR CLIENTS ARE STATE INSTITUTIONS, LOCAL GOVERNMENT AND MANY PRIVATE COMPANY.