Address: nn Savska st, Klenak, Ruma
Ruma Phone: +381 22 445 710
Phone 2: +381 64 133 59 33
4/ 5stars

Our restaurant is located in the town of Ruma Klenak between Sabac and the bank of the Sava and the beautiful natural environment under the dense canopy.

Always serve fresh river fish, fish soup, grill, stuffed meat dishes to order, veal stew ...

We work for ten years and so far we have hosted many guests from all over the country and the world, and escorted them happy.

We organize the ceremony and gala dinners in agreement with you in our restaurant on the coast or in our second restaurant in the center Klenk. We host a number of excursions and hiking groups.

Our office hours are from 9 to 24 hours throughout the year.

Our business standards include top quality food, service and hygiene.

You will be our guests.


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