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    Production of spare parts Ruma

    Address: 5 Karadjordjeva st, Zarkovac, Ruma

    Craft workshop girls from Ruma offers: - Machine sprengovanje and production of springs - reinforcing springs - we perform assembly and disassembly of springs - Maintenance of mining trailer - Installation of sleeves and boclovafor all types of of passenger and freight vehicles - replacement cartridge cases, boclova, stirrups (cugova) - replacement of all types of pivot - manufacture of all types of payment-parabolic and classical (as-rolled). Material: Hot rolled spring steel cross-section according to DIN 4620, DIN 59145 or DIN 59146th Measures from 45 to 150 mm wide, 4 - 45 mm thick and 800 - 2200 mm length. Quality materials to DIN 17221st