Address: 139 15. maj st., Ruma
Ruma Phone: +381 22 471 696
Email: spascan@kti.rs
4/ 5stars

The first private secondary school optics Pascan

9 Decanska st., Novi Sad

+381 21 641 94 72

We are
a family company with a long tradition and recognizable brand not only in Serbia, but also beyond its borders.

We offer you the latest models of prescription glasses at very reasonable prices.

Optics Pascan offers the following services:

- Making glasses

- Correction frames

- Large selection of prescription glasses

Also, we offer a wide selection of modern prescription frames.

Expert and professional staff will provide you with all necessary advice when choosing proper eyewear for you.

To all our clients we offer fast and efficient repairs of all types of glasses and frames.


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