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    Machinery and tools Ruma

    Address: 79 Ive Lole Ribara st., Ruma


    Tool shop Vertex works in constructing and producing order-made tools.

    We began work with the goal of offering the best possible solutions in the domain of construction with the highest level of quality and the shortest times for tool production.

    Our experienced constructors and tool-makers as well as the latest technology in work machinery guarantee our quality and precision in tool making. Development, projecting and production are done using advanced CAD/CAM programs on CNC machines.

    We make:

    - Plastic injection tools
    - Wax model micro-casting tools
    - Tools for cutting and shaping tin
    - Blacksmithing tools
    - Models, tools, casts for free metal casting
    - Tools for tire-related services
    - Vacuuming forms
    - Complex mechanical parts and prototype parts
    - Special parts
    - Spare machinery parts built to standard and outside standard

    Verteks equipment, machinery, tools:

    CNC erosimat electrode
    Deckel DE25

    CNC erosimat wire
        Agie Agiecut 50
        Agie Agiecut 70 sprint
    CNC milling machines
        Maho MH700W Philips532
        Maho MH700W Heidenhain TNC415
        Maho MH600C Philips 432

    Universal milling machines
        Deckel FP2 3kom

    Strug Weiler

    Grinder for flat grinding


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