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The company "LIBRA TRADE" was established in February 2006 with the aim to provide its clients with the best service in the production of PVC and aluminum joinery.

Our goal is, from the first day of business until today, that our clients are satisfied, we opted for a superior PVC profile German manufacturer "REHAU", which we are authorized representatives, as well as aluminum profiles of Greek producers' ELVIAL ".

We are able to offer clients a large choice of windows, balcony, entry and garage doors, portals, partitions, windows, sliding wall, glazing terrace and accompanying program: shutters, mosquito nets, blinds, strip curtains, window boards windowsill and others.

PVC windows are made in white and colored wood (mahogany, golden oak, dark oak), and aluminum windows in standard white, brown and gray (anodized aluminum) color, but on customer request we can make the other colors (color of wood, etc. .).

In the production of joinery used chains "Siegenia-Aubi" (for PVC) and "Stublina" (for aluminum), a glazing we offer different types of glass, such as a standard float glass, low-emission glass (Low-E) glass, which are in operation protection from thermal energy (Solar ClimaGuard or "four seasons"), argon-filled glass, colored glass (parsol stopsol i) safety glass (tempered, laminated and pamplex), glass ornament (semolina, delta, screen, etc.). , etched glass and others. TERMOPANEL to install the double-layer and three-layer.

"REHAU" is a top manufacturer of PVC profiles, is present in as many as 54 countries, with its pronounced innovativeness and high reliability itself provides a long-term advantage over the competition.

The advantages of modern windows and doors made of '' REHAU '' were:

-thermalinsulation (benefits - reduced heat demand, and therefore lower heating costs and lower CO2 emissions, equal distribution of temperature in the room, the reduced airflow)
-Sound insulation (strengths - minimal encumberance due to noise, improved feeling of comfort, making windows with standard profiles - not require specific solutions, implementation of special glass and sound insulation up to Rw, P = 47 dB)
-anti-burglaring protection - (strengths - safe windows and doors due to the special handles, fittings and glass, optimized profile geometry in order to increase intrusion protection, enable the implementation of reinforced fittings and tested resistance class WK 1 - 3)
-Easy care and maintenance - (strengths-smooth, impermeable surface-HDF (High-Definition-Finishing), the resistance value of windows and doors because of the high quality materials and remarkable appearance after many years).

The offer "REHAU" profile are the following systems:

- Ecosol-Design
- Synego
- Gene
- Euro-Design 70
- Brillant-Design system for lift and slide door
- Gene system for lift and slide door
- Brillant-Design
- Euro-Design 86 plus and others.

"ELVIAL" is one of the fastest growing manufactory which specializes in extrusion of aluminum profiles, the Greek and European markets. "Elvial" develops, manufactures and distributes advanced aluminum systems for simple and complex applications artihektonske.

This prenomirani manufacturer sets standards, develops into a modern technologically advanced company organized, dedicated to its customers.

Among the many systems that "ELVIAL" has offered to single out the ones that we most use in the production of more of those products:

- Series 2000 - Benefit - aluminum system without thermal
- Series 3100 - sliding system
- Series 4500 - Creation - aluminum system without thermal
- Series 5200 - Status - aluminum system with thermal break.

Our mission is to provide customers respond to their needs in terms of visual, functional and energetic-looking exterior of the building.

With high-quality raw materials, high quality workmanship and assembly, and our hard work and past experience as well as affordable prices moving towards the ultimate goal, and that is a satisfied customer, whose recommendations the best advertisement. And so for 10 years ...... .on the same address - u Rumi, Naselje Aerodrom bb. ili nas kontaktirajte telefonom na broj 063/520-360, a putem mejla na">Visit our web site: or contact us by phone at 063 / 520-360, by email at