Address: 45 Predraga Vilimonovica st., Raska
Raska Phone: +381 60 439 0009
4/ 5stars

The cafe restaurant La Toscana - reminds us of Italy in many ways, but we're not too far from it ourselves.

We tailored our own story.

In a new suit since 2013, we are remembered as "Kamel" with some nostalgia and a lot of love.

We have always had a certain "charm", being far away yet close enough to the center of the city - you can reach us in 5 minutes from the Predrag Vilimonovic street and over the Trnava river and the little wooden bridge, which we constructed ourselves.

That certain "something" that always has our guests coming back to us is that we are tucked away in greenery, in our warm ambiance, carefully designed with a terrace under the clear sky. You can walk out into the quay across the grass, away from the city bustle, you can have a family and birthday celebration and otherwise mark an important event.

Our offer - pizza, home-made sandwiches (our own baker) pastas, salads, tortillas, ice-cream, pancakes, fruit salads, coups and takeaway food, esspresso and coffee with home-made biscuit and newspaper as well as great tap beer and excellent wines.

The first grade spot for socializing, to dress up, to be seen, to feel good (this is our best reward) with instrumentals and pleasing details (lamps and screens, blankets for when the wind starts blowing and fireplace for when it snows), occassionally with live music, acoustic guitars.

Worth coming.

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