Youth Cooperatives Pancevo

Address: 5 Zmaj Jove Jovanovica st., lokal B13, Pancevo

The primary activity of the Youth and Student Cooperative from Pančevo is offering and demanding workers for temporary and occasional jobs. In accordance with the law, the cooperative handles the registration and deregistration of workers, wage calculation, and payment to workers upon job completion.

Through the youth and student cooperative, a pupil or student can work during their studies, or an unemployed person aged between 15 and 30 years can be employed.

The Pančevo Student Cooperative finds jobs for students, which they will perform for employers with whom the cooperative collaborates, and for which the students will receive a certain remuneration. The jobs available to students can be temporary, occasional, seasonal, or replacements for absent workers.

The longest duration for a job obtained through the cooperative is 120 days. Students apply for the jobs they want to do themselves. Then, the student cooperative finds positions with interested employers and contacts the students as soon as possible.

To join the Pančevo Student Cooperative, a personal ID and student index are required. One must fill out and sign the cooperative's membership application form. Membership is free.

It is important to note that “students” refers to those not older than 26 years. Membership in the cooperative needs to be renewed annually, and proof that the student still meets the conditions must be submitted. According to cooperative regulations, a student should not simultaneously be a member of two or more cooperatives.

Unemployed individuals up to 30 years old can also become cooperative members. They should provide a certificate from the employment bureau and a photocopy of their ID card for membership.

The wage for jobs through the cooperative is negotiated as a daily rate for short-term jobs, while for those lasting at least one month, the pay is calculated per working hour. The employer will pay the wage to the cooperative, which will then pay all contributions and transfer the remainder to the student's (cooperative member’s) account.

OZ STUDENT COOPERATIVE, 5 Zmaj Jove Jovanovica st., lokal B13, Pancevo
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