Address: 17 Brace Jovanovic st., Pancevo
Pancevo Phone: +381 13 341 542
Phone 2: +381 64 551 05 01
4/ 5stars

Most intellectual restaurant in town now is "Kordun".

It was opened by Nikola Vitas in 1982.

The last five years of the beauty of life veterinarians, lawyers, inspectors, doctors, poets, ... worries Nicola's son Milan.

When at 7 in the morning turned the key in the lock, immediately screw the guests, permanent staff.

Everyone knows who sits where.

End jobs, listen to interviewees - members of large families and "The Beatles" and other bands from the eighties.

"There is no folk, no heavy music," says Milan.

But, there's plenty of food.

The house specialty is veal head in tripe.

Here we are often visited by star athletes, who in the company spirit of deep thinkers bring down the average age and raise up the average physical health.