Address: Mite Topalovica 12, Pancevo
Pancevo Phone: +381 60 635 57 73
Phone 2: +381 13 343 637
Phone 3: +381 60 634 36 37
Web: www.konoba32.rs
4/ 5stars



Restaurant “Konoba 32” is located in the center of Pancevo in the pedestrian zone at 12 Mite Topalovica street.

Since 2009 we have done our best to welcome all lovers of old-town habits and true national cuisine.

“Konoba 32” was started for the purpose of bringing the tradition and culture of our people back to the younger generation and to reminisce on how it used to be.

For 4 years now we have been building a brand that continues to follow our tradition from the start of the 20th century.

In order for us to be innovative at all times, we have enriched our restaurant offer with pizzas, but we wanted to stay true to Serbian cuisine, so we created “PIZZA UBICA” (Killer Pizza). 

We also advise you drop by during lent periods or on Fridays, when our skilled chefs prepare lent-friendly dishes and excellent fish chowder for only 5 dinars.

Our other dishes and specialties include:

- Konoba 32 specialty (mixed meat for two with rich additions)

- Trout in “Konoba style” for 450 dinars

- Several kinds of cooked dishes per your selection starting at 280 dinars

Taking care of your good mood are our musicians, masters of their trade – every day of the week.

Have unforgettable moments with your loved ones, family and friends at “Konoba 32”