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Company JETINK started its work in March 2000, at a time when inkjet technology started in the increasingly dominate the market printers.

The duration of the now more than 12 years, we are able to offer you high quality services:

* Professional and efficient recycling of toner cartridges with replacement of all wearing parts (drums, wipers, magnetic roller, chips, eliminating waste powder ...), in order to obtain the best possible print quality, toner cartridges Refilovanje powder of the best quality in the domestic market

* Professional Refilovanje inkjet cartridges American ink jet color

We sell sets of refillin colors for inkjet cartridges.

The kit includes a bottle of American inkjet color manual to complement cartridges, accessories required for filling and all wrapped in the original JETINK packages.

Sale of original toner and cartridges brands Canon, Hewlett Packard, Samsung, Lexmark, Epson ...

Sale of paper for printing at affordable prices, as well as specialized paper, photo paper, foil ...

Servicing and routine maintenance of the copy machine and laser printer.

Technical support experts and trained persons:

* For the price of an original toner or ink cartridges, toner or ink cartridge can refilovati 5 times !!!

JETINK always available !!

Send us your specification - a list of print devices, your approximate monthly needs for toner cartridges or other supplies, so that we can formiramu concrete offer especially for you!

If you can not decide which printer to purchase - call us!