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    Pet shops Pancevo

    Address: 11 Zmaj Jove Jovanovica st., Pancevo
    Website: www.barbus.rs

    Pet shop Barbus has been successfully operating for 15 years, we are making the aquarium to measure, sales of equipment for aquariums, we offer a wide selection of fish and aquarium plants.

    Also keep birds, rodents, and food and cages for them, food for the house and cats (well-known brands: Royal Canin, Trainer, Pedigree, Ada ance, Advance, Whiskas, Josera etc..).
    We offer a large selection of leash, collar and other equipment for the maintenance of your pet.

    Successful and knowledgeable staff and a long tradition guarantees our quality.

    Office Hours:
    * Weekdays 08 - 20 h
    * Saturday 08 - 16 hours