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    Machinery and tools Pancevo

    Address: 58 Mose Pijade st., Pancevo

    "Metalka" Pancevo was founded in 2007. From the very beginning we have specialized for cutting and welding metals and welding consumables.

    You can find the electrode wires and other equipment in the field of welding, brazing and cutting metals.

    Power Tools We are also not hand we are listening to the market in its range included the world famous brands.

    Cutting tools - drills, saws, crowns, diamonds

    Sanding tools - grinding wheels, grinding wheels, sandpaper, abrasive discs

    Power tools: Bosch, Makita, Metabo, Dewalt, Skil, Abac

    Measuring tools: spirit level, rangefinders protractors, ribbons.

    Welding equipment: nozzles, injectors, polycables, tubes, carriers.

    Threaded goods: screws for wood, metal, anchors, anchors

    Electrodes: Jasenice, Esab, Saf-fro

    The company wholesale, retail and warehouse space located in Pancevo. The distribution of goods is done mix of own transport services and transport (AKS, City Express) within a period of 24 h.


    Hand tools, Power tools, electrodes, welding, chemical protection equipment