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    Locksmith shops Pancevo

    Address: 6 Djure Djakovica st., Jabuka, Pancevo
    Services available throughout Serbia Services available throughout Serbia
    Works out in the field Works out in the field

    We offer field welding services.

    Our services include:

    - welding of any structure during assembly

    - welding repairs for:

    - work machines
    - trucks
    - excavators
    - forklifts
    - tractors
    - trailers
    - gates and existing structures

    - construction of pontoons and bridges for rafts

    - installation of supports on construction sites

    - pressured pipe welding

    - We also make and assemble hardware such as:

    - fences
    - canopies
    - dog boxes
    - floor and roof constructions
    - tin garages
    - binders

    Welding is performed by TIG (argon), REL (arc) and MAG (CO2) welding methods.

    For more information you can contact us via our phone number.

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