Address: 95a Skadarska st., Pancevo
Pancevo Phone: +381 13 348 079
Phone 2: +381 63 361 160
Phone 3: +381 13 351 501, +381 13 646 301
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Plant for the production of vegetarian foods Soya food is located in the village of Lokve, San Mihai in southeastern Banat 60km from Belgrade and 40km from Vrsac municipality Alibunar, and operates as part of the GALUS doo Pancevo, founded in 1992.

Soya food is a young company which began operations in 2005.

Company founder Elijah punch with his family from Lokava.

As an expert, with years of experience in the field of food production involved a BSc. ing. George Munćan, food technologist.

Base business unit Soya food is the production of high-quality, healthy and safe vegetarian, food.