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    Dental clinics Pancevo

    Address: 137 Kozaracka st., Nova Misa, Pancevo
    Wheelchair accessible Wheelchair accessible
    In business since: 2010.
    Through an administrative ban / installment

     Dental clinic “Milisavljevic” is located in pancevo in the nova misa settlement, where we've been offering our patients dental services for over 25 years. we are one of the first clinics who began providing private practice dental services in pancevo.

    A blend of years of experience using the latest modern materials, professional staff, high standard work conditions and many other benefits are more than enough reason to schedule your term and visit us.

    Currently working at the clinic are the dentist dr. Jelena Radic and a dental nurse.

    Our clinic also offers multi-faceted dental services, including:

    1. Dental tourism (high profile dental services for patients from abroad at attractive prices)

    2. Examinations by a specialist in the domain of:
    children's and preventive dentistry, surgery and orthodontics

    3. Dental repairs for children and adults
    (fillings - white fillings, amalgamation fillings, gray fillings, cement fillings etc.)

    4.Root canal treatment for adults and children's

    5. Dental fluorisation (protection)

    6. Sealing fissures (dental protection for children)

    7. Teeth whitening (living and dead teeth)

    8.Teeth extraction, surgical extraction, apicotomy, implants

    9. Ultrasound dental deposit removal with teeth polishing

    10. Processing parodontal pockets

    11. Braces - acrylic, partial or total, veneers, skeletal braces with or without attachments

    12. Ceramic crowns and bridges - metal-ceramic, non-metal, gold-ceramic

    13. Fixated braces (for straightening the teeth and bite angle)

    14. Splints (protective foils for nighttime teeth clenching (bruxism)

    15. Installing zircon decorations (teeth jewelry)

    16. Hyaluronic fillers / anti - ageing in dentistry (marionette lines, asymmetries of the lips - genetic or generated, lip volume and contouring, nascolabial creases, wrinkles, lowered lip corners, smoker wrinkles in the upper lip region, hypotrophic scars)

    for more information we ask that you visit our web page www.dentalmisaljevic.com, where you can find detailed information on our activities, photos, price lists, working hours and other useful info.

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