Address: 137 Kozaracka st., Nova Misa, Pancevo
Pancevo Phone: +381 66 900 75 32
Phone 2: +381 64 318 93 53
4/ 5stars

The combination of years of experience and use of modern materials and methods  puts in the foreground the quality work of the dental practice Misaljevic.

Pleasant atmosphere and a staff that is friendly, careful, patient and full understanding.

In office work Jelena Radic, a general dentist, Dr. Jasmina Nestor general dentist, and Dr. Nadezhda Misaljevic specialist in children and preventive dentistry as a consultant.

Practice deals with polyvalent stomatology, which includes:

1. Examination by a specialist in the field of children and preventive dental surgery and orthodontics

2. Dental treatment of children and adults (sealing - white fillings, amalgam ie. Gray, cement seals)

3. Root canal treatment of adults and children

4. Fluoridation of the teeth (protection of teeth)

5. Fissure sealing (protection of teeth in children)

6. Teeth whitening (living and dead)

7. Surgical extraction, apicotomy, IMPLANTS

8. ULTRA SOUND descaling SA polishing teeth

9. Processing of periodontal pockets

10. denture - acrylic partial and complete, ie vizil. dentures with and without the attachment

11. ceramic crowns and bridges - metal ceramic, metal-free, gold ceramics

12. Fixed prosthesis (straightening of the teeth and bite)

13. splint - protective film for nighttime teeth clenching (bruxism)

14. Installing zircon (jewelry on teeth)

15th hyaluronic fillers / ANTI - AGEING IN DENTISTRY (marionette lines, lip asymmetry of genetic and acquired, volume and contour lips, nasolabial folds, wrinkles, lowered the corners of her mouth, "smokers wrinkles" in the region above the upper lip, hypothrophic scars)

Because we want you healthy.

Because we want you beautiful and smiling.