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    Cosmetics salons Pancevo

    Address: 15/1Milosa Obrenovica st., apartment 21 (intercom), Pancevo
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    Works on Sundays Works on Sundays
    Pet friendly Pet friendly
    In business since: 2013.

    Epilation is a non-invasive method of permanent hair removal. As such, it is only recognized in the world.

    As a cutting-edge solution for painless, permanent hair removal, in the twentieth century appeared a laser.

    Laser hair removal is the fastest way of permanent epilation.

    It is easy and painless, no allergic reactions and leaves no damage to the structures of the skin.

    Laser or light energy absorbed by the pigment melanin in the hair root, transforms it into heat, which destroys the hair root, leaving the surrounding skin unchanged.

    Wavelength range that hair roots absorb ranges from 670-890nm.

    The depth of penetration of the beam depending on the wavelength, so that a smaller wavelength acts more superficially while higher wavelength can act in the deeper layer of the skin.

    BY-55B is a diode laser wavelength of 808nm.

    After years of working what separates us from other hairdressers is the quality of work, knowledge, kindness and perfection.

    We follow all the trends both in technology and in professional training.

    In our salon we use professional cosmetics and stick to business ethics "We are satisfied if the customer is satisfied."

    Hair and smile on his face us in the first place, as evidenced by many satisfied customers.

    Alfaparf palette of colors and products to 100% covering and natural looking hair.

    For maximum recovery and use L'oreal hair care cosmetics for hair.

    We offer lounges and Brazilian keratin.

    It is currently the best treatment for damaged hair that is on the leading place in the world and in us.

    Keratin is a natural ingredient in the hair that is present in the healthy hair of about 90%.

    Frequent styling, coloring, twisting and ironing, hair remains without keratin and moisture and therefore becomes brittle, brittle and lifeless. Brazilian keratin to the hair keratin as much as it lacks to regain the moisture, shine and natural look.

    Only in working with top L'oreal products, the latest offer is Absolut repair lipidium.

    If you have damaged and lifeless hair come with us on Absolut Repair Treatment and you will be like new.

    We work on Sundays!

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