Address: nn Brace Krkljus st., Sajkas
Novi Sad Phone: +381 64 135 26 62
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Stonework shop NIKOLIC PLUS is developing and building monuments of high quality artificial and natural marble, granite, terrazzo and restoration of monuments from all materials.

We produce or procure for you all the necessary equipment for the gallantry of monuments: -

- important
- flower pots
- lanterns
- letters
- Decorations and others.

Here you can select a picture on high-quality porcelain, and we also print text and figures on the monuments.

We produce and other products such as marble floors, kitchen and other counters, bars, etc..
We work and balconies, window sills, entrance stairs ...
Characteristics of Granites NIKOLIC PLUS:

- Build quality
- Good prices
- The respect of deadlines
- reliability
- Guarantee on all our products