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The building in which we are located in was constructed in 1830 in the classical style, as one of the first four two-story house in Novi Sad. On the facade of the building once stood: PROPERTY OF THE SERBIAN ORTHODOX CHURCH, and the people building called PROPERTY, and the unusual name and still exists today. This is one of the few buildings that was not destroyed during the bombing of Novi Sad 1849th year. Due to the destruction of City Hall, mayors of Novi Sad are moving here 1852nd and remain until the 1871st , when this place became a big court. At the time when this building was City Hall, nine mayors were here, among others are Svetozar Miletic and Stevan Branovacki, and as a clerks, here also worked famous writers, Jovan Jovanovic Zmaj and Jakov Ignjatovic. For a time the leaders of the city thought to make this place a prison. At the beginning of the twentieth century the building was a place where respectable citizens lived - teachers, lawyers, painters ... in its yard was one of the first photographic studios, and later one of the most beautiful theaters in the city, called KORZO. Today in the cellar of this famous building is the first restaurant - pub, called Gusan.