Address: 11 Hajduk Veljkova st. ( Novi Sad fair), Novi Sad
Novi Sad Phone: +381 21 645 11 31
Phone 2: +381 63 536 112
Phone 3: +381 64 501 21 91
4/ 5stars

This is not just an ordinary national cuisine restaurant where for 12 years now you’ve been able to have delicious, authentic Serbian cuisine any time of day, this is “Knin”, a tavern where you feel like a proper guest with our welcoming hosts.

Fully renovated, it draws in guests from far and wide with its modern and comfortable appearance.

Knin offers our guests complete and utter hedonism.

Our guests can enjoy deliciously roasted lamb, prepared on beech wood, or young, succulent veal under the stone, prepared using a unique recipe.

There’s also our premium barbecue, good old Karadjordje schnitzel, lamb liver, veal or lamb stew or Dalmatian prosciutto.

As of recently we also offer national Serbian breakfast with cream, Herzegovina cheese, pies baked under the stone, cheese pies or always popular French toast.

Our offer is completed by our diverse selection of desserts.

Our guests adore our dry pie with or without ice-cream, pancakes, ice-cream, banana split, fruit coups and our famous walnut cookies.

This is why our guests say that gourmet experience at our restaurant can be found by all: gourmands, hedonists and those who just love to eat.

We also specialize in organizing all kinds of celebrations for up to 130 guests with the best prices and terms.

That’s why when you are visiting Knin there is no rush, because no matter how long you planned to stay, you always stay a bit longer.

Come and see our hospitality.

Restaurant Knin – your host.