Address: 4 Lisinskog st., Petrovaradin, Novi Sad
Novi Sad Phone: +381 21 439 340
Phone 2: +381 63 439 340
4/ 5stars

Fortress Apartments are located under the fortress with the perfect location for your visit. We provide the best service possible, and our rooms are modern, clean and comfortable. The apartments are located in a safe, hidden area 'towns' in Petrovaradin. We have two parking spaces in the yard that is secured gate, and four parking spaces on the street in front. The yard is 120 m2 with table and chairs from spring to autumn, lots of flowers and greenery, a fountain with water, and
shade of the old tree over 100 years. Pizza, bakery, bus stop and traffic at 70 meters from the apartment.
Two beautiful restaurant on the Danube at around 150 meters to the center of Novi Sad is 600 - 700 meters. The Petrovaradin Fortress is 200 meters from the apartment.