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    Manufacture of rubber Novi Sad

    Address: 82 Veselina Maslese st, Detelinara, Novi Sad
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    Services available throughout Serbia Services available throughout Serbia
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    Works out in the field Works out in the field
    In business since: 06.1993.

    The company "Guma Belt" began work in June 1993, then only a small trading company whose main activity was the sale of conveyor belts.

    After years of successful business, the owner and founder of the company, Mr. Svetislav Bata Belic, transferred the acquired experience, knowledge and working methods to create a new company called Guma Belta.

    As new work technology developed in our market and the industry modernized, so did our company keep pace with all new developments and expand its range of products for sale so that we would always be able to respond to customer requests.

    That is why today - among many other products- our company also offers world-renowned manufacturers of power transmissions and conveyor belts.

    A rich selection of goods and products, a constant influx of new tools, presses and other equipment for quality service are the main qualities that have won the trust of our regular customers and manufacturers with whom we work.

    We offer toothed, variator and V-belts of the German company OPTIBELT, as well as PINE V-belts. Since 2008, we have also been cooperating with the company FORBO Singling from Switzerland in order to bring our customers quality PU and PVC transilon tapes and extramultus belts.

    In addition to assembling belts in the Guma belt service, which we work on tools and presses "Siegling", we also have a mobile service that allows assembling conveyor belts and belts on the FACE of the user.

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