Address: 99 Temerinski put st., Novi Sad
Novi Sad Phone: +381 64 2361 648
4/ 5stars

"Milkaza" is accommodation with a pleasant, homely atmosphere and very professional service. Storage capacity of trospratnog facility has 200 beds in 44 rooms, type of rooms range from double, triple, 3 +3 to a family room. Each room has its own bathroom, and family rooms has two bathrooms. Two thirds of the room has a TV, video, and half of the rooms have air conditioned.

In addition to accommodation services offer the possibility of organizing weddings, christenings and other celebrations. Choose a small restaurant hall in warm, romantic colors pink and dark mahogany of 70 people or a large, air conditioned room classy gold and white tones with a capacity of 150 and 300 seats.

It will be our pleasure to make your most important day perfect!


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