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Specialized gynecological practice Delichon Practice provides all types of outpatient gynecological and obstetric services for all ages 0-99 years: - Preparing for pregnancy control during pregnancy, fetal monitoring progress, CTG control. - Controls female newborns and infants. - Gynaecological control in children and adolescents. - Controls in childbirth. - Controls in perimenopause and postmenopause. - Contraception (local, hormonal, spiral ...). - Test for sterility (tubal patency and to assess (HySoSy) folikulometrija, PCT test ...) - Interventions (biopsy, curettage explorativne, abortions and 10.GN) - The treatment of infections of the vagina and cervix with the help of apparatus GYNETHERM 700 (only one treatment for 2 minutes for the treatment of Chlamydia trachomatis). - Kryotherapia. - Radiowave treatment (kondilomi. ..) and biopsy (LOOP, LLETZ ...). Technique of examination was adjusted to age, and the examination is not painful. Little discomfort during the examination is related to the use of certain instruments and can be overcome by proper preparation, relaxation, and of course confidence in doctors. We recommend that girls get an interview with the first signs of puberty, and if the period comes to 15 years if they are very heavy periods, painful or neregularne.Pregled we'll start with the ultrasound examination that at that age requirements are adequately filled bladder an hour before the examination . If the reason for the visit request shall be made and a classic gynecological age, and of course adequate conditions. When it comes to contraceptives encourage sexual partners to come together and together we choose the optimal form of contraception for them. If you would like a spiral, it is necessary to perform a complete gynecological examination (for the marbles, palpatory examination, VB purity, TVUZ, smear, colposcopy), and just before your period during which you want to put a spiral may need to do bacteriological tests of the cervical Chlamydia to exclude the presence of infection. If you do not want long-term antibiotic therapy or you are allergic to antibiotics infections of the vagina and cervix can be cured with GYNETHERM device 700 (eg Chlamydia trachomatis and the presence of elementary bodies of her one-time short-term treatment that destroys the heat which the bacteria can not withstand, and that the patient gives subjective feeling rather short period pain, but of course only after the pre-colposcopy and citilogijom exclude the possible existence of malignancy) All wounds of cervical colposcopic together we will review the video before and after treatment to make sure its fully cured. If you decide to plan the offspring come to carry out preliminary views as to the best possible health began pregnancy and thus ensure healthy offspring. Regular gynecological control sexually inactive adolescent recommend once a year with the passing of menstrual calendar, and for sexually active every 6 months, one of which is detailed and includes a review of cervix (colposcopy, PAP ...), TVUZ, breast examination with TO (after 30 years). Only regular gynecologic examinations preserves and improve their general and reproductive health, and when the time is ready and will enter into the safer menopausal period. During our first visit we suggest that you take your complete medical record (gynecological health can not be viewed in isolation), and to socialize with us, leave an hour.