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Obstetrics and Gynecology Practice Biovita, pregnancy monitoring, 3D and 4D ultrasound examination, diagnosis, treatment of chlamydia soft laser, painless Puncturing ovarian cysts, surgical interventions. Any woman who decides to go for a gynecological examination, either because of a health problem, or for regular check-ups, she wants to know that her health was in the hands of experts and that a gynecologist will be pleasant, polite and patient to answer all her questions and concerns. In these examinations, it is frequently very sensitive matters, so the woman is very important to gain confidence in your health. In gynecological surgery Biovita will give you exactly this kind of treatment. All your questions will be answered, you get the best advice and professional and reliable examinations and interventions. Gynaecological Surgery Biovita there since 1993. year. The surgery is performed gynecological examinations, ultrasound examinations, expert ultrasound, pregnancy monitoring, treatment of chlamydia, abortions and surgical interventions. * 4D (four-dimensional ultrasound) * 3D (three-dimensional ultrasound) * Expert ultrasound * Ultrasound breast examination and palpatory * Puncturing Painless ovarian cysts * Color Doppler * Implementation of Soft LASERS in the treatment of Chlamydia * Early diagnosis and prevention of cervical disease * Corrective surgery in gynecology Pregnancy FROM FIRST TO REVIEW delivery - 4D (four-dimensional ultrasound) FILE YOUR BABY ON THE MOVE - 3D (three-dimensional ultrasound) is applied to the monitoring of pregnancy and for detection and testing of tumors in the genital organs. - Expert ultrasound - Ultrasound and palpatory breast examination (used to detect changes in their breasts) - Puncturing Painless ovarian cysts - Color Doppler ultrasound (during the pregnancy helped him get important information about the dynamics of blood flow through the umbilical and placenta, then information about the anatomy of the heart babies and blood vessels) - Application of soft lasers in the treatment of chlamydia (Ten years of experience) - Early diagnosis and prevention of diseases of the cervix (the great importance of regular control, because this form of cancer most easily prevented if detected on time) - Corrective surgery in gynecology (removal of genital warts) - Colposcopic examination (colposcopy is a method to observe the cervix with magnification) - Early detection of fetal anomalies - The treatment of lesions on the cervix - Monitoring of pregnancy until delivery of the first review! Opening hours: 09:00 to 13:00 and 16:00 to 20:00 09:00 to 12:00 - Saturday