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Dermatovenerology Novi Sad

Address: 33 Pavla Papa st., Novi Sad
In business since: 1992.

Specialist clinic for skin diseases, care and treatment of problem skin, permanent removal of growths on the skin and unwanted hair from the face and chest. In dermatologic surgery specialist Dr. Prolic - Popov up for years with success, carried out the treatment of various skin problems. In addition to some skin diseases can significantly and visibly to deteriorate your health condition, the consequences of which leave can completely change your look. How to protect your health, that is true beauty, keep in mind that diseases of the skin, if the time you go to treatment, be cured. * Treatment of skin and venereal disease * Medical treatment of acne * Care and treatment of problem skin * Mesotherapy (to remove cellulite and local fat deposits, stretch marks, dark circles, loss of hair, revitalizing skin and cleavage) * ACTHYDERM - mesotherapy without needles * Removal of capillaries on face and body apparatus TC 3000 * Peeling facial preparations intended for persons SKINMEDIC photoaged skin, with pigmentation of any kind (from the sun, acne after pregnancy) and the expanded pores and oily skin * Scrub the face and hands with fruit acids Neostrata (to reduce wrinkles, skin photoaging, correction of acne scars, varicose pores, hyperpigmentation) * Cosmetic facial treatment, facial scrub with liquid nitrogen * Permanently remove unwanted hair from the face and chest (Electro epilation) remove gender and other warts, fibroma, and other skin growths CO2 laser, keratosis, blisters * The treatment of varicose veins and venous * Treatment of wounds that are difficult to heal (Leg) * Anti-cellulite program, a program forming the body, relax the muscles, strengthen muscles (Thoracic, abdominal and other) * Reduction of waist circumference, body fat reduction and cellulite * Facial fruit acids by Dr. MURAD (To remove fine lines, shallow scars and pigmentation of the face) * Enzyme facial treatment by Dr. Murad (To relieve acne, reduce fat in the skin and improve the appearance of youthful skin prone to acne) * Bionic Skin terapy - treatment of wrinkles, freckles, capillaries on the face and cellulite REMOVAL OF CO2 LASER genital warts Removing kodiloma CO2 laser is a fast, virtually painless, with the minor changes did not require anesthesia. Wounds heal quickly and do not get scars. Genital warts caused by HPV, which is, once you get into the body, difficult to eradicate. Genital warts in men and women usually appear around and on the genitals, but can occur and perianal, vaginal, and in some remote areas. Treatment begins with removal of HPV genital warts. It is very important to treat genital warts, or removal, carried out as soon as possible over time increases the number and size of warts and spread into the environment. Some types of viruses over time can lead to cancer in the genital area. Come for advice, you will receive full support!

DR PROLIC POPOV, 33 Pavla Papa st., Novi Sad
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