Address: 10 Matice Srpske st., Novi Sad
Novi Sad Phone: +381 21 662 39 23
Phone 2: +381 66 662 39 23
4/ 5stars

Forai Dr Zoltan founded the clinic in 1988 in Novi Sad, after a series of ear-years of work produced another office in Temerin.

In prijarnoj atmosphere in our ordnacji working professional, and above all a pleasant and friendly foyer as evidenced satisfied patients.

Dental practice Forai provides high quality dental services including:

- Preventive and Pediatric Dentistry
- Repair and dental treatment
- Oral surgery
- Prosthodontics
- Oral Surgery
- Teeth whitening

Tim dental practice combines education, experience and kindness to provide their patients complete dental care.
Forai Dr. Zoltan and his highly professional team will help you to get rid of fear and that during the intervention enjoy with pleasant music and paintings of famous artists.

Modernly equipped dental office, Dr. Forai located in the center of Novi Sad and Temerin.

We invite you to browse our website before you visit us and be sure to visit the dentist can be a pleasant experience.