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Car air conditioning Novi Sad

Address: 12 Djuradja Brankovica st., Rotkvarija, Novi Sad
Viber: 063/519-518
Whatsapp: 063/519-518
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Car service WAGEN trade officially began work in 1994, then as "Zare" car service and later as "Ivanovic" car service, until we adopted our current name in 2008.

Since the start we have been in the same location, near the police station and the "Zmaj Ognjena Vuka" health center.

We work in a space of 250m2 with all the neccessary equipment and diagnostics.

With the desire of being above our competition we also offer car and van transportation we also provide our clients with a replacement vehicle to use while their vehicle is in service at affordable prices.

- Car diagnostics
- Tire services
- Mechanics services
- Car air-conditioning servicing (filling the air-conditioner)
- Chemical treatment (cleaning your entire injection system without dismantling the engine)
- Chemical treatment (cleaning your air-conditioning and ventillation AIRCOMATIC III Airco-clean and air purifier)
- Chemical treatment (cleaning the cooling system of your vehicle and cooler)
- Chemical treatment (cleaning servo system)
- Electrical services
- Transferring passengers - transfers - Rent A Car with and without driver
- Polishing headlights
- Vehicle registration and insurance

WAGEN TRADE, 12 Djuradja Brankovica st., Rotkvarija, Novi Sad
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