Address: 2 Igmanska st., Novi Sad
Novi Sad Phone: +381 21 419 246
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"Baby shop Sandra," which is retail and wholesale of baby found in the Igman 2 Vidovdansko settlement in Novi Sad, started its operations in 1994 as a small boutique childrens clothes and toys.

After years of successful operations, was also launched:
- Own production of furniture
- Production of equipment for the youngest children from newborn to 4 years.

By collaborating with leading manufacturers, following the world trends by developing and perfecting the technology, clothing stores and equipment for babies "Baby shop Sandra" in its program has included all those products that provide kids healthy development and growth, and parents peaceful nights.

To ensure the whole family more joy and pleasure, and reduce worry and fight for babies we have prepared everything they need from the finest materials: bibs, Swedish diapers, suits for the removal of babies from maternity wards, bath towels, bed linen, blankets, crawlers , outfit with long sleeves and sleeveless Zekic, baby baths, suits for presentation, T-shirts, sweatshirts, pants, caps, socks, tights and for boys and girls, and more.

The materials of all our products, we adjusted the babies on their back.

Everything is in retail, is available at manufacturer's prices, that we provide for every budget, discount prices of clothing and accessories for babies and children


Treat your loved ones a unique and unique blanket ..... what you want is written and drawn on the quilt can not embroider.

Making connections to blankets, towels with your or our thought-sign.

Exceptional and unique gift for your loved ones. We are located in Novi Sad.


We produce protective covers for the cages with the possibility of making the connection of your choice on the same.

We offer machine embroidery on: single and polo shirts, sweaters, shirts, work clothes, towels and tablecloths, flags and other textile products.

**** Each FURNITURE ****

The production program of our company is based on the production of functional furniture pieces.

Emphasis was placed n the production of a few models of dresser that are made to have multi-purpose use.

In the upper part of the interior of the commode placed a bath tub for baby, and on the cover, ie. the top plate is a sponge for baby clothes changing.

When babies grow, dolly and is removed, the sponge is removed and the dresser remains for use as part of furniture.

With us is possible to buy a dresser for the baby and no baths and no pads wrap.

Control of our products is made of Forestry, University of Belgrade.

The products meet the technical requirements for the quality of manufacture and delivery by JUS D.E2.105 / 1 and JUS D.E2.101

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