Address: 2 Igmanska st., Novi Sad
Novi Sad Phone: +381 21 419 246
Phone 2: +381 21 419 626
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“Baby Sandra” whose retail and wholesale stores for baby equipment are located at 2 Igmanska street in Vidovdan settlement in Novi Sad, began work in 1994 as a small boutique of children’s wardrobe and toys.

After years of working successfully, we also began working in:
- Producing our own line of piece furniture
- Producing our own line of equipment for babies, from newborns to 4 years old.

Working with renown manufacturers and following global trends while developing and perfecting technology, our clothing and baby equipment store “Baby Sandra” has included into its offer all those products required for your little ones to have a healthy growth and development, while their parents rest easy.

In order to ensure more joy and enjoyment for the whole family and reduce worries and wrinkles, we prepared all that babies might need when it comes to the highest quality materials, bibs, Swedish diapers, little sets for bringing newborns home from the hospital, bathing towels, covers, little suits with or without long sleeves, baby baths, outdoor sets, t-shirts, tracksuits, pants, hats, socks, stockings for boys and girls and much more.

We adjust the materials in all our products for babies and the prices for their parents.


Delight your loved ones with unique and original cover ... we can embroider whatever you like on covers, including text and images.

We embroider covers, towels with your or our own writing.

Exceptional and unique gift for your loved ones – find us in Novi Sad.


We make protective covers for cages with the ability of making embroidery per your request.

We also provide machine embroidery on single and polo shirts, sweatshirts, button-up shirts, work suits, towels, table cloths, flags and other textile items.


The production program of our company is based on producing functional piece furniture.

We put emphasis on producing several types of baby stations which are made to have several purposes.

In the upper part of the interior there is a bath-tub for babies and on the lid there is a surface for baby changing. When the baby outgrows the tub, it can be removed and the changing surface comes off, so the baby station becomes a functional dresser.

We also offer wardrobes without the bath-tub and changing surface.

All our products are quality-controlled by the Foresting college in Belgrade.

Our products fulfill the technical conditions of quality for production and delivery according to JUS D.E2.105/1 and JUS D.E2.101