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In order to provide complete solutions for the motor group company Cubi formed a chain of processing centers . Only the core of the system is a Machining with an experience of a quarter century of intense work . The auxiliary engine assembly work is done in this specialized branch , and as a processing center for special purposes within the system operates Metallization and Welding . How could we guarantee the quality and the embedded parts , established in the trade whose mission is to provide customers the world's leading component manufacturers. Finally , to further closer to end users , Cubi the services offered through the Service turbines for passenger and commercial vehicles and passenger service vehicles.


The main mission of machining is to provide a wide range of professional services at an affordable price. To make this possible, the machining center is equipped with high quality machines, American and Italian production . In order to achieve the highest levels of quality treatment , special attention is paid to the training of operators whose activities are conducted in strict compliance procedures producer . Every part of whose treatment required is treated with the utmost care and precision with respect to all technical and technological regulations . In this way Cubi is able to guarantee that measures of tolerance and quality of the machined surfaces correspond to the technical regulations for manufacturers to give the degree of repair .


Work immediately following the overhaul of engines and their parts is their conclusion on the level polumotora . As it is very important that this procedure is done by editing the appropriate technical literature , Cubi system the task entrusted to a specialized team of craftsmen who are fully trained and equipped to be able to perform this operation quickly and efficiently . Since defects during the assembly engine can cause damage to the crankshaft and bearings , this organization is to mention the risk to a minimum. Benefits correctly concluded polumotora , in addition, they achieve maximum results in terms of performance , reliability and long service life of the engine.


Although metallization extensively applied in production, this treatment is perfect for repair parts that are worn from use of or eaten by corrosion . With the use of modern equipment and the implementation of quality materials , metallization of a hand can get the parts that have the same properties and new . Moreover , meeting the special requirements , durability and reliability can be significantly improved. Huge selection of materials developed to date provides a truly wide range of possibilities . Metalizaijom can raise the resistance of the parts to wear, corrosion , erosion , cavitation , increase or decrease the coefficient of friction ...

Cubi system is composed has a facility equipped with the latest equipment for metal cold and hot process , powder and wire the Swiss company " Sulzer Metco " and " Castolin Eutectik " , as well as state of the art welding machines " Miller " and " Fronius ." For this reason , and because of the high level of training of its staff with years of experience , Cubi system guarantees that the process of metallization and welding done by the original equipment manufacturer's instructions for metal and welding , and repairing parts to the highest quality .


In addition to professional equipment and highly trained operators for high quality services it is necessary to provide the original of the motor parts from renowned manufacturers . To this important segment and put under control , Cubi system is established stores as part of the organization with a mission to care for the quality of the components that are installed in the serviced or repaired engines . Specialized shop for auto parts , therefore , has the original spare parts for the repair of motor passenger, freight , commercial and agricultural vehicles , as well as a rich assortment of related items .

Turbo service

Having a good preparation is as important as the process of labor , our employees work for the manufacturer in this segment . Only in compliance with all prescribed measures it is possible to achieve the highest level of quality that is imperative in business around the Cubi system .

car service

During the 2004th , the Cubi system has expanded its activities by forming auto service for passenger vehicles , which achieved full control of all phases of the process of repair of vehicles .
The scope of work that is exercised in Cubi Auto service ranges from vehicle washing and maintenance , general repairs to the engines of passenger cars and light trucks . Modern diagnostic and mechanic equipment at four positions with cranes make it possible to offer the maintenance and repair of vehicles round out an optimal way , thanks also to the acquisition of high-quality spare parts over Cubi trade and services of other departments Cubi system .
Cubi Car service in an area of about 250 m2 offers maintenance and repair of passenger cars of all brands that may be encountered on our roads from Audi and BMW to Volkswagen and Flags .

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