Address: 51 Petra Drapsina st., Novi Sad
Novi Sad Phone: +381 65 888 82 72
Phone 2: +381 63 720 13 15
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Introducing Arena apartments in the center of Novi Sad, which you can rent, whether you need an apartment on the day, an apartment for a longer stay or overnight, as the ideal alternative to hotel accommodation.

There is no doubt that Novi Sad offers many opportunities to enjoy its culture, architecture, museums, music, restaurants, nightlife.

But it is even more prominent if you are accommodated comfortably, just like in your own home.

Our goal is and to give you a sense of comfort and privacy of what you have at home.

Arena apartments are luxuriously equipped and carefully decorated with the best prices for short-term rental apartments in Novi Sad.

Our apartments are located in the city center and have a parking space for your vehicle.

We are available 24 hours, depending on your wants and needs that are not for a moment do not feel disadvantaged.

We are here to provide you with everything that will make your stay in Novi Sad, make you feel like in your home.">For additional information visit our website