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    Polyclinics Novi Pazar

    Address: 230 Stevana Nemanje st., Novi Pazar

    The main activity of our private clinic is hyperbaric medicine.

    Hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT) is done inside a multi-chamber hyperbaric chamber under the supervision of professional medical staff.

    Every therapy is carefully planned for every patient individually depending on the objective assessment of their health.

    Pure 100% oxygen in elevated pressure conditions inside the hyperbaric chamber allows for up to 20 times higher oxygen accumulation in the blood, which is why this is one of the newest methods in use for various kinds of treatments.

    Our polyclinic also offers:

    - Magnetic resonance

    - Ultrasound

    - EMNG and osteodensitometry

    Come and see why we are the best. Make your appointment on time.

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