Address: Omladinska 48, Novi Pazar
Novi Pazar Phone: +381 20 331 300
Phone 2: +381 62 331 300
Email: poliklinikaramovic@gmail.com
Web: www.poliklinikaramovic.com
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Ramovic clinic private clinic in Novi Pazar, with a tradition and a distinctive quality in the provision of care by leading experts.

Urology, laboratory, microbiology, internal medicine, cardiology, gastroenterology, hematology and endocrinology are only part of the area that are available to you. In addition, the top doctors in the region are examined here.

We are always there for you, to listen and look at your needs, with the desire to give you the right support, the best lekarkse examinations and biochemical analyzes, as well as advise and, if necessary, to give directions to other health care facilities in the region, for adequate treatment .

Your health and your family's health is our top priority!