Address: 46 Karadjordjeva st., Novi Pazar
Novi Pazar Phone: +381 20 31 12 24
Phone 2: +381 63 65 85 38
Email: sefcet2@gmail.com
Web: www.drhajrovic.com
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Prim.doc.dr sci. med. Sefcet Hajrovic, children’s surgeon with years of experience, obtained a doctorate in hip development disorders.

Works in:

- Early ultrasound diagnostics

- Treating hip developmental disorders in children

- Diagnostics and treatment of all childhood health issues

Performs the following surgical procedures with local anesthesia:

- Sewing wounds

- Surgeries on atheroma

- Lipoma

- In-grown nails

- Skin growth

- Beauty marks with hystopathological verification

- Radio-surgical knife

Dr. Hajrovic’s speciality lies with years of experience performing circumcision in local anesthesia using the latest methods regardless of the patient’s age.

Dr. Ajisha Hajrovic, gynecologist-obstetrician with years of experience.

Works in:  

- Ultrasound diagnostics for all gynecological problems

- Pregnancy monitoring using the latest 4D ultrasound

- Cervical and vaginal swab and pap test.

Prof. Dr. Radivoje Brdar, children’s orthopedist from Belgrade ordinates at DR. HAJROVIC specialized clinic in Novi Pazar for three months.

He works in hip development disorders, spine deformities and lower extremities in children, fractured bones in children and their consequences as well as other orthopedic problems in children.