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    Butchers, meat products Novi Pazar

    Address: 17 and 19 Stevana Nemanje st., Novi Pazar
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    Open 24hrs Open 24hrs
    Works on Sundays Works on Sundays
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    In business since: 1985.

    The road we've travelled so far was started with a great desire to offer our market the best meat quality which will satisfy even the most demanding customers.

    Due to the lack of suitable meat quality we have been forced to start a butchery which will provide for all the needs of our grillhouse.

    Beko butchery is one of the highst quality butcheries in our town, recognizable for the high quality of its products and the care for our customers.

    Our butchery currently works independently from our grillhouse and has its own network of clients around Serbia.

    Beko grillhouse began work in 1985 as a small grillhouse which later expanded due to the increase in demand.

    The butchery began work a little later, in 1998.

    Since the very start our butchery stood our in the market, both with its quality and excellent service.

    Thanks to its work and the team consisting of excellent meat connisseurs, Beko butchery very quickly became synonimous for quality in our town, while our grillhouse is now a recognizable brand.

    Our "cevaps" have become widely famous so we often see situations where people come by for a meal whenever they are in town.

    It's not uncommon for people to order takeaway for neighboring towns.

    We are always happy to see people recognzie the quality of our cevaps.

    The quality of our meat is based on pure and naturally raised beef, so we can guarantee the best possible quality which our clients recognize and always come back to.

    Our clients have recognized the quality outside the borders of our town so we are happy that we can present the delicious taste and quality of true "cevaps" to more and more people.

    We are especially glad when we are able to build a connection between our brand and other clients so we have worked this way for years and lived by this code together.

    The entire community is proud of us and we are proud of them!

    Our clients

    Our butchery has expanded the area of its work and now works around Serbia.

    Some of the towns where you can try our meat and especially our cevaps include: Belgrade, Novi Sad, Mladenovac, Sabac, Zrenjanin

    Some of our clients where you can try and see our quality:
    - Restaurant "kod Dane" - Belgrade (Zarkovo), Serbia
    - Restaurant "Talija" - Belgrade (Zarkovo), Serbia
    - Restaurant "Bar" - Belgrade (Zarkovo), Serbia
    - Restaurant "Aleksandar" - Novi Sad, Serbia
    - Grillhouse "Biber" - Novi Sad, Serbia
    - Restaurant "Sat kula" - Mladenovac, Serbia

    Working hours:
    - Barbecue: 24/7 - non-stop
    - Butchery 7AM - 8PM, Sundays 7AM - 2PM

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