Address: 26a Vidoja Jovanovica st., Niska banja
Niska Banja Phone: +381 18 4548-586, +381 63 111-93-29

4/ 5stars

The building is located across the street cafes Banjac or former cafe Heaven, in Niska Banja, 200 meters from the spa promenade. Accommodation capacity is 20 seats, the possibility of daily rest. Parking in the yard. Rooms on the second floor and apartments have separate terraces. SPECIAL DISCOUNT FOR ROOM FOR RENT IN LONG TIME! Each room has its own bathroom. The possible use of common kitchen on each floor. Common dining room with TV and radio on each floor with 8 seats for the guests and shared terrace, the rooms are air conditioned and equipped with wireless Internet. Relaxation and smoking if you do not want to smoke in the room.