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    Private accommodation Loznica

    Address: nn Marka Radulovica st., Loznica
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    In the heart of Loznica, you will find the modernly equipped "Villa Safir", owned by the Mitric family. 

    Villa Safir offers a total accommodations capacity of 24 rooms and 72 beds. 

    The Villa complex also includes grassy sports courts for club preparations from our country and abroad. 

    The ideal altitude and clean Drina and Gucevo mountain air will have an unforgettable impression on the athletes. 

    Staying in air-conditioned apartments that have internet access and TV's will be the ideal vacation you've planned for a long time. 

    The villa has a kitchenette and a room for smokers.

    The guests can participate in single-day trips to the Gucevo mountain, Koviljaca spa and Tronosa monastery. 

    Experience Loznica by staying at Villa Safir. We are expecting you. 

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