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    Healthy food Loznica

    Address: Janka Veselinovica nn, Loznica + 3 location

    Health food stores and merchandise to measure "BOSILJAK", from a wide range of products listed: - Grains: Wheat (white, red), oats (oats), rye, barley, rice (plain, wholemeal and a dozen other species), buckwheat, millet, corn, popcorn, Gers - Integrated flour from wheat, corn (white and yellow), oats, rye, barley, buckwheat, soybeans, rice .. - INTEGRATED PASTA: soybean, wheat, oat, rye, barley, buckwheat, corn, rice, buckwheat crust ... -Seeds: pumpkin (baked in the shell, cleaned raw, cleaned baked), sunflower (baked in the shell, cleaned raw, cleaned baked), flax, sesame (normal and integral) - Legumes: lentils, beans, chickpeas, chickpea, dry pea ... - ORAHOPLODNICE: walnuts, almonds, hazelnuts, brazil nuts, cashews ... - Nuts: cleaned raw, blanched, roasted in the shell, cleaned roasted unsalted, roasted salted cleaned, cleaned roasted salted ... - Dried Candied fruit: cranberries, grapes, figs, plums, apricots, papaya, mango, pineapple, banana, date palm ... - Soy and soy products: soy: raw, roasted, minced, flakes, chips, steaks, flour ... Soya products: tofu, yogurt, milk (liquid and powder), cream, custard, gravy, butter, mayonnaise, hot dogs, salami, sausages, burgers, cheese, pate, oil, lecithin ... - MACROBIOTIC PRODUCTS: kelp (kombu, vakame, nori, hidziki) umebosi plum paste umebosi, umebosi vinegar, miso paste, okara, seitan, tempeh, beans and azuki mungo, bank and hooks tea, kuzu, gomasio, lotus root, soy sauce, tamari sauce, rice malt ... - Cold-pressed oils: sunflower, olive, pumpkin, flax, sesame, corn, wheat germ, soybean, grape seed, peanuts, cumin, evening primrose, pomegranate ... - HEALTHY BEVERAGES: "Biota" juices, cranberry, beet, carrot, blackberry, strawberry, raspberry, currant, apple, elder, quince, tomato, reduced Bitner, kombucha, Boza, yeast ... - VINEGAR: wine, spirits, wild apples, cornelian cherry, pomegranate, beets, salad, weight loss, circulation ... - TEA (bulk and packaged) - More than 100 types of tea: SPECIAL OFFER TEA (teas for weight loss, lowering blood pressure, to reduce fat in the blood, the humility, the respiratory tract, the prostate ..) - ADDITIONS TO THE MILK OR TEA: cereal (wheat, oat, rye, barley and soybean), Muslim (diets, sports, kranc, tropik), corn flour, bran, wheat germ, semolina, expanded cereals, toast, whole galete, whole scene: breadsticks ... - MILK PLANT: soybean (liquid and powder), oat, rice, average of - Medicinal mushrooms: Shitake, Reishi, Maitake ... - PREPARATIONS FOR LIVER REGENERATION: Green Magma, whey - CLAY - YEAST - Products suitable for diabetics diet: biscuit (bulk and packaged), chocolate, jams, honey, sweeteners, cream, cheese spreads ... - GLUTEN-FREE PROGRAM - HEALTHY COFFEE: (effect, chicory, bio-coffee) ... - GREEN COFFEE, GOLD POPPY, ANTIKILOGRAM - HONEY AND PRODUCTS BASED ON HONEY: honey, royal jelly, pollen, propolis ... - HEALTHY SWEETENERS: dextrose, fructose, malt .. - Syrup: Maple, "partners" (partners diet), fruit, syrup ... Gutovi - Drops and Extracts: Cranberry, Echinacea, valerian, nettle, ginkgo, artichokes, white figure, Hawthorn ... - Spices: Sea salt, Čelarevo salt, black and white pepper (ground and beans), peppers (hot and sweet Tucana), onion, garlic powder, dried vegetables, bay leaves, dill, ginger (fresh and dried), curry, chilli, oregano, carob, cinnamon, mustard, cumin, allspice, cloves, nutmeg, saffron, turmeric ... - ORGANIC PRODUCTS CULTIVATED - PROGRAM "AYURVEDA" - Natural cosmetics: soaps, shampoos, body butter, natural remedies for peeling ... - INGREDIENTS AND DECORATIVE CAKES & COOKIES: milk powder, powdered sugar, chocolate, cocoa, coconut, whipped cream, pudding, gelatin, starch, ground biscuits, wafers, colors, decorations ... - TECHNICAL LITERATURE: books, tips, recipes SZTR 'Basil': Store 1: Loznica - pedestrian path from the post office to the church Store 2: Loznica - new retail prices Store 3: Banja Koviljaca - center, near the bus station

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    Loznica st.
    BOSILJAK, Loznica st.
    GPS coordinates: 44.530309, 19.220387
    Loznica st.
    BOSILJAK, Loznica st.
    GPS coordinates: 44.530309, 19.220387
    Banja Koviljaca st.
    BOSILJAK, Banja Koviljaca st.
    GPS coordinates: 44.530309, 19.220387