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What is Colposcopy: Colposcopy is a method of examination of cervix using a special microscope called a colposcope.

Why is it necessary to do a colposcopy?

It helps to detect abnormal Pap sample findings. An abnormal Pap smear results, it can be an indicator of inflammation in the cervix, premalignant and malignant changes. Pontiff is I can not give a definitive diagnosis. Colposcopy cervix can be increased many times (20 times), which makes it possible to see the least suspicious of change. These little suspicious changes on the cervix can be subjected to histopathological examination, taking a slice of tissue from the targeted places. This is called a biopsy.

Do you need to prepare for a colposcopy?

Do not use any vaginal creams or tablets, vaginal rinse it and do not have sex two days before the examination. The ideal time for a colposcopy at the end of period 8 - 14 days cycle.

How does review?

As a regular gynecological examination under watch spekulumkom with cervical colposcopy. The procedure takes 5 minutes.

Finally get colposcopic examination findings in writing and let you know the Pontiff is the phone for 3-4 days, after examining smears of cells by a pathologist.

The combination of cytology / Pap smear and colposcopy findings significantly increases the diagnostic accuracy of changes in the cervix. Just cytology accuracy is achieved in 79% of cases, colposcopy only in 87% of cases a combination of the two methods was 98% accuracy.

When you do the first review?

Not later than 3 years after first sexual intercourse, but no later than 21 years.