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Oxford translation agency specializes in translation of various texts from all world languages at the best price in the shortest possible time. Our associates are certified interpreters with a valid license issued by the competent state authority, so that their expertise is a guarantee that the translated texts are accurate and reliable. Your material to be translated you can send in several ways: by e-mail, fax, CD, flesh cards or as a printed document. Our agency specializes in providing translation services from / to over 30 languages for all kinds of texts, from general to professional and personal documents and documents of legal entities. All translators are graduate philologists, who not only have perfect linguistic knowledge from the source and target language, but also practical experience in translation in various fields. For each of more than 30 languages, for which we can offer translation services, we offer you a certification seal certified court interpreter. Express mail couriers shall on demand downloads and deliver to you the translated version to your home or business address of the seats. For a short time we have gained many satisfied customers including domestic and foreign companies. The problem with translating texts is our concern. English, German, Italian, French, Norwegian, Dutch, Swedish, Hungarian, Spanish, Greek, Czech, Turkish, Japanese, Finnish, Russian, Macedonian, Bulgarian, Slovenian, Croatian, Polish, Danish, Albanian, Romanian, Slovak, Latin, Hebrew, Arabic, Chinese, Portuguese, Belgian-Flemish, Ukrainian, and others which were not mentioned, and you need the. Thanks in advance to respect Agent and Agency School Oxford