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Polyclinic Dr. VEZMAR began work 8th of October 2001 in Kragujevac as a specialized urology and gynecology clinic.

In March 2013 it became a polyclinic and expanded its activity to the following areas:
- Surgical and gynecological laparoscopic surgery
- Thyroid gland, breast, melanoma surgery

In the past years several thousand satisfied clients passed through our institution, users of numerous diagnostic and therapy procedures.

Urology clinic

Urology clinic performs the following diagnostic and therapy procedures:

Diagnostic procedures:
- Ultrasound of the urinal tract and the whole abdomen
- Color Doppler
- 4D ultrasound
- Trans-rectal biopsy of the prostate
- Complete urological endoscopic diagnostics (cytoscopy, urethroscopy)
- X-ray diagnostics (Nativan RTG of the urinal tract and abdomen, IVU, Chevassu, UCG, x-ray of the chest and lungs, x-ray of the bone system
- Laboratory diagnostics (spermogram, urine, urine culture, swabs...)

Surgical interventions:

- Fymosis
- Hydrocell
- Epididimis cysts
- Condiloma
- Breaking down urethra canal stones
- Testicle tumors
- Installing uretheral probles
- Bladder tumors
- Surgical prostate treatment
- Surgical treatment for urinal canal stenosis
- Breaking stones in the bladder

Gynecological clinic

Gynecological clinic performs the following diagnostic therapy procedures:

- Full ultrasound diagnostics (4D ultrasound, 3D, 2D and transvaginal ultrasound, color doppler)
- Ultrasound breast examination
- Gynecology examination
- Colposcopy
- Taking swabs
- Pap test and vaginal secretions
- Pregnancy control
- Double and triple test

At our clinic we have the following interventions:
- Polypectomy
- Treating condiloma
- Explorative draining with PH findings
- Pregnancy termination for medical reasons
- Installing and extracting the spiral
- Treating marital sterility (insemination, HSG)
- Loop conisation

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