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    Specialist clinics Kragujevac

    Address: 30 Dragan Simica st., Kragujevac
    Wheelchair accessible Wheelchair accessible
    Works out in the field Works out in the field
    In business since: 03.07.2015.

    Our clinic began work on 3rd of July 2015 as the only registered general medicine clinic in Kragujevac.

    It is located in the center of the city.

    The clinic was founded by Dr Desanka Kovacevic with the idea of providing a variety of medical services without compromise when it comes to quality, both to patients close to us and anyone in need of medical assistance.

    With the goal of becoming an example of good medical practice we have developed the plan to be not only doctors, but true friends.

    The fact that medical services, especially from really good doctors, cannot be charged as much as they are realistically worth, especially not in our current social-economic situation.

    Also the fact that money itself cannot be a doctor’s only satisfaction, considering the nobility of the medical profession.

    This is why we are constantly prompted to have as many excellent doctors as possible on our team, who understand and respect our services while bringing them closer to regular people who might have limited financial power.

    Even though we risk being misunderstood if people assume that they can’t get high quality services due to our low prices, we will never reduce the quality medical services in order to match their prices.

    Objectively, we have no need for that.

    The good doctors are always good people and we are good at gathering them under our roof.

    We don’t sell cheap services.

    We make valuable services available to all.

    The 24h ECG holter is introduced more and more as a standard diagnostic procedure for patient treatment with cardiology problems, in addition to ECG and ultrasound examination.

    You will get detailed reports with result analysis and guarantee of result validity at our clinic.

    The importance of preventive systematic examination is seen in the fact that many illnesses don’t show symptoms early on that would get a patient to seek medical attention.

    Talk to us on time – we take care of your health.

    Without any lines and waiting you will be examined in a pleasant ambiance where our kind staff will meet you and give you their full attention.

    We offer you swift and efficient solutions for your health problems at our clinic.


    Acupuncture is a pain-removal therapy that helps treating certain diseases with the help of thin needles that are inserted into specific points on the body.

    Originating in traditional Chinese medicine, the acupuncture points are allocated down “meridians” of your vital energy (chi).

    Nudimo vam brzo i efikasno rešenje za vaše zdravstvene probleme u našoj ordinaciji.

    There are no anatomical or hystological evidence of those lines and points on the body, while some acupuncturists apply them without the traditional approach.

    The modern acupuncture experts present them only as ideas which can be useful in clinical practice.

    Kragujevac general medicine Kragujevac 

    Acupuncture Kragujevac 

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