Address: 9 Milovana Dragica st., Kragujevac
Kragujevac Phone: +381 62 205 229
Phone 2: +381 64 125 86 09
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Tree nursery Jakovljevic is a company that offers decidious and conifer trees for the past 20 years.

The company with a family tradition that always accepts challenges and of your private courtyards, parks, offices and parking true green oasis which give a new look and more beautiful picture of everyone who comes, or to put applied to pass by you.

Our two nurseries in locations Dragobraca and Jovanovac, both near Kragujevac readily available for anyone who wants to come, providing tens of thousands of different plants that manufacturers, as well as sawmills, shrubs and other ornamental plants that can brighten up your space.

Of course, in addition to selling themselves seedlings can get the full service for courtyards, conceptual design, transportation seedlings or perhaps a beautiful fountain that will stand out from other business or private world.