Address: Cerovac nn, Kragujevac
Kragujevac Phone: +381 34 679 20 22
4/ 5stars

Tavern Dukat in Cerovac near Kragujevac on the road to Topola is well-known for top quality lamb roast which is the house specialty.

We have a large number of guests to prezadovoljnih from our environment, so from all over Serbia and abroad.

In addition to lamb roast dear guests we offer a large selection of grilled meat, cooked meals, soups and more.

The restaurant has closed part furnished in ethnic style, a large terrace with a beautiful garden, as well as a watchtower in the ethnic style on which are also set tables for dining.

We have a parking space for vehicles.


weekdays: 09-24h
Sundays: 12-20h

Come and see the quality of food, warm atmosphere and friendly staff.