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Polyclinics Kragujevac

Address: 18 Luja Pastera st., Kragujevac
Viber: 066/064-034
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In business since: 2017.
Through an administrative ban / installment

Kraguj Medic polyclinic is a privately run health institution with a broad assortment of medical services.
We are located in the heart of Kragujevac, at 19/2 Luja Pastera street, 200m away from the old entrance to the clinical center Kragujevac.
Our mission is to provide the highest quality services to our patients, both in our clinic and outside, in the field.
We are focused on preventive examinations, treating acute conditions and monitoring and controlling chronic conditions as well as counseling.
In order to achieve this we have hired the best consultants who work with our team to take care of your health.

The services we offer at our clinic include:
- Specialist examinations (internal medicine, cardiology, gastroenterology, neurology, ORL, dermatology, pediatrics, orthopedics, urology...)
- Full ultrasound diagnostics
- ECG and holter monitoring
- Endoscopic examinations of the gastro-intestinal tract (gastroscopy, rectoscopy, colonoscopy, anoscopy)
- Minor surgical interventions (puncturing, excisions, biopsies)
- General examinations and therapy (injections, infusions, inhalation, bandaging, placing catheters, stoma care) at our clinic and in the field.
- Home care and treatment

We also organize counseling: genetic, nutritional, oncology, psychology, where you can get informed on your conditions and problems.
We cooperate with the best medical laboratories in Kragujevac, all located near our polyclinic. We also organize online support and advice on social networks.

We work with the best experts from VMA (Army medical academy) and KCS (the Clinical center of Serbia).

Working hours:
Workdays: 8AM – 8PM
Saturdays: 8AM – 3PM
Sundays we are closed

Come and see why our motto is: “It’s either okay or it will be okay!”
Seek advice through our on-line support and advice on social networks: ,

POLICLINIC KRAGUJMEDIC, 18 Luja Pastera st., Kragujevac
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